Dog Raincoat - Lemon
Dog Raincoat - Lemon

Dog Raincoat - Lemon

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Size Chest Length Weight Neck
25-24cm 26cm 2-5kg 30cm
M 34-40cm 30cm 6-9kg 34cm
L 40-46cm 35cm 9-14kg 38cm
XL 46-52cm 42cm 15-19kg 42cm
2XL 52-64cm 43cm 8-13kg 46cm
3XL 64-72cm 52cm 12-16kg 52cm
4XL 72-82cm 60cm 16-31kg 58cm
5XL 82-93cm 76cm 31-47kg 63cm


Dog Rain Coat - Double layered zip up raincoat with hoodie makes putting this coat on easy as well as adjustable and stylish.

Puppy Raincoat Waterproof - Completely waterproof and will keep your dog safe and dry in all weather conditions.

Harness Hole - Contains a small opening on the upper back of the rain jacket for harness users. Made adjustable to fit any dog breed.

Pocket Designed - Our dog raincoats comes with pockets in the back for easy storage of small items.