Dog Rain Shoes -  Red

Dog Rain Shoes - Red

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Size Lenght Width Weight
S 4.3cm/1.7in 3.3cm/1.3in 61g
M 5.0cm/2.0in 4.0cm/1.6in 88g
L 5.7cm/2.2in 4.7cm/1.9in 106g


The shoes use PVC environmental protection material, non-toxic, flexible and soft which can be arbitrarily curved not hurt grinding pet foot pain.

Rainproof, waterproof, anti-skid, move freely, and it will keep your pup's paws clean, dry, and safe with protection from ice and snow, rain and so on.

Easy and comfortable to wear with the magic tape, and it is very light, which it is more convenient for your dog.