Children's Raincoat - Pink Unciorn

Children's Raincoat - Pink Unciorn

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Size Shoulder Length Sleeve Length Height Range Bust
11.42 inch 18.50 inch 16.14 inch 39.37-43.31 inch 26.77 inch
M 12.20 inch 20.08 inch 16.93 inch 43.31-47.24 inch 27.56 inch
L 12.60 inch 21.26 inch 18.11 inch 47.24-51.18 inch 29.13 inch
XL 12.99 inch 22.05 inch 19.69 inch 51.18-55.12 inch 29.92 inch
XXL 13.39 inch 23.62 inch 20.08 inch 55.12-59.06 inch 31.50 inch
XXXL 13.78 inch 24.41 inch 21.26 inch 59.06-62.99 inch 32.28 inch


Be prepared to brave the weather. Don't let the weather get in the way of your plans, you will never be unprepared for the sudden rain shower

Stay DRY & COMFORTABLE: This raincoat is windproof & waterproof, remarkably water resistant, and dries quickly. The hood also has an adjustable drawstring to help protect your face, head and neck dry in rain.

Multi-use water-resistant coat is specially designed for outdoor activities. Enjoy your adventures without worrying that it will start to rain. Protect yourself from nature without harming it! Carry it in your pocket, purse, backpack, bag or car and you will thank us when it comes in handy in those emergency situations when the rain or snow starts out of nowhere.

Our heavy-duty raincoats are great when you pack light and you don’t want to carry around an umbrella or heavy space-consuming raincoat. Ideal for Disneyland, concerts, mountaineering raincoat, or a mat for hiking, picnics, fishing, parks, sporting events, and daily use!